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Thursday, 13 November 2008

What's new in Motovun

News and Event

Motovun, a walled hill top town in the heart of Istria, Croatia has a specific mix of population made up of few remaining local families and expanding newcomers from Europe, Americas, and Australia. For its size Motovun has a lively cultural and social life well supported by the community. Some of activities include:
Renowned voice choir
Choir singing in Motovun has developed over the years. People from Motovun young and older, women and men sing, compete and cut CDs of their original arrangements. Motovun Church Chior wins prizes at National competitions. The program is under development and will be shown at a later date.

The Creative Group Motovun is a loose association of artists, writers, educators and researchers mainly from Croatia, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, U.K. and Slovenia. The group has recently embarked on making of a documentary film titled 'Why am I here?'

Talks given by guest speakers
In December 2008 Istra gave a talk on her work with Tibetan refugees in Northen India. The talk was organised and supported by the Motovun 'Our Children Society' and was well attended by the people of Motovun and Oprtalj. The talk included a presentation of Istra's project, original Tibetal artefacts, flok music, a video persentation of Tibetan dance, and a taste of Indian food. Participants had an opportunity to ask questions and discuss the presentation.

Shows, exhibitions and cultural events

On the 3rd of January 2009 Motovun Creative Group visited Cultural and Creative Group and studio Valerija and in Medulin. The aim was for groups to form close working and friendly relationship, to exchange views and experiences and to plan future projects together. Motovun group had an opportunity to see Istra's latest art work shown at the Medulin exhibition in December 2008, and to see a particular painting method demonstrated by Branka Grakalic.

Important developments and events
Motovun is turning 'Green'. A branch of The Green Party has been formed in Motovun with intention of standing for places at the regional ellections in May this year. This is potentially a very good news for all who live in and love Motovun, please follow this link for more information