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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Motovun, a place of dreams

May 2010 a group of 12 artists from Medulin in Croatia visited Motovun a spectacular hill top town in the heart of Istria on a day of painting. Under instruction for Boris Nemes artists worked on drawing in perspective, socialising, sharing experiences and meeting with local artists including the Motovun creative group.

Studio Valeria, Medulin

Group art exhibition titled 'Medulin moje misto malo'. A group of 7 local artists painted Medulin, the place where they live and from their perspective showing influences of local tradition and many new changes. The exhibiton was very well attended and presented in the media,

Events at Studio Valeria

Medulin, Croatia May 2010

Studio Valeria - Istra gave 3 workshops in glass art including jewellery and leaded lights, and a workshop in painting in acryclc using rollers. Participants were artists from the local community.