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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Exhibition 'Salon pod hrastom'

02/07/2010, Salon pod hrastom, Pomer, Istria in Croatia,
This was 11th year of an international artist collony organised by Ante Mihovilovic and Alexander Tausan for an art society in Pomer. This year a group of artists from Hungary Mihaly Szeverenli and Bela Nove an art historian; from Montenegro Milena Vladisavljevic, Darko Drljevic and Luka Lagator; form Italy Lilijana Corfiaty attended the collony together with artists from Croatia. As aguests of INA AGIP an oil and gas company artists visited their gas platforms in Adriatic and expressed their impressions in their work. The collony ended with an open air exhibition of art work in Pomer under an old oak tree. The exhibition was well attended and shown in the media. Artists and guests had an opportunity to meet and enjoy the event accompanied with some live music. 
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