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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

'One Year On'

One Year On is an exhibition by glass artists and makers that followes from Kaffe Fassett and Steve Klein master class in 2009. The exhibition was held during the annual international conference at Northlands Creative Glass in Lybster in Scotland, U.K.
Istra Toner - 'Silver darling'
In her work created especially for this exhibition, Istra leads a viewer into the immense, powerful and timeless Caithness landscape, seascape, and social history and shows the fragility and transformation of both. Her work is driven by her interest in Lybster’s past and its people. “Silver darling” a beautiful modest little herring played a pivotal role in the life of Lybster over some considerable time and forms the basis for Istria’s work shown here. In this exhibition Istra demonstrates skills she developed at the North Lands Creative Glass master classes:
2009 ‘Colour and texture’ with Kaffe Fassett and Steve Klein Istra developed further sensitivity and importance of awareness and recognition of colour.
2010 ‘A particulate language’ with Catherine Newell Istra developed sensitivity toward form and restraint in the use of colour in achieving power and movement.
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