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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

De-junk Re-junk art from found objects

02/07/2012 art exhibition at Birkenhead visitor centre, UK.
AMAZING pieces or artwork made out of junk are on display in Wirral.Istra exhibited at this the second year at the De-junk, Re-junk exhibition, for which artists have created beautiful pieces out of rubbish, litter and other discarded items.The innovative exhibition is to show how items which otherwise would have ended up in landfill can be transformed into something else with a bit of creativity and skill. More than 30 artists and craftsmen across Merseyside are involved in the show. Artist Alison Bailey Smith organised and curates the show.
Istra Toner's work titled NOSTALGIA has been created from discarder materials including paper, cardboard, clothes and house hold decorating paints. The work questions the meaning of our need for remembering the past. Each piece leads the viewer to remembering their own past, and imagining someone from a long ago hiding their precious mementos of a special relationships under the floorboards for us to rediscover in time.

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